Hey There!

Let's take a trip down the rabbit hole of my world

Who I Am

Failed product guy
Mutually contrarian
Below sea level
Flawed data point
Motor biker

What I Do

Hungry, friendly and thoughtful product manager | product marketing manager

Helped drive customer centric and data backed roadmap for consumer & enterprise products on Web & Mobile apps

Helped prioritize features focused on customer pain points and business metrics, through a mix of qualitative and quantitative insights

Helped drive GTM strategy focused on revenues

Attempted generating business value as an intrapreneur with a failed B2B2C white labeled analytics app

Attempted generating business value as an entrepreneur with a failed HRTech assessments app

Cross functional experience in Fintech (mutual funds) and Hrtech (learning and development, assessments)

Achieved rating between 90-97% as a speaker at meetups and conferences

Awarded for evangelizing Cybrilla Technologies from 0 to 546 people in less than 6 months

Written user centric blogs

Comfortable working with different stakeholders | team sizes | domains


P2 - Portfolio of Products

f(x) + f(y) = f(x+y)
Passion to serve people + Grit to solve problems = Teams & Projects I have been lucky to be a part of

Let's Talk


Piloted location based mobile notifications for enterprise users

Mutual funds mobile app

Helped drive OKRs for a funded mobile app with 100K user base

Mutual funds web/mob apps

Helped deliver features as an inbound PM using agile for v1.0

Mobile app based assessments

Drove product mngmt & product mkting to attempt product market fit.

Fintech Platform

WIP. Reach out to me to know more.


Data driven hobbies


Let's talk

I am always in for a cup of coffee. Or a chai ki cutting!