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Who I Am

Failed Product Guy
Team Builder
Global Citizen
Motor Biker

What I Do

Nitish Gulati is a people's product manager (popularly called Gullu / Gulati).

Under his thick curls, he is a professional who can switch context between 30,000 feet digital strategy & 100 feet execution. He has been persistent and gritty in driving the vision, strategy, design, execution & evangelism across products in ERP, Web & mobile spaces in different company sizes. He has also helped build teams right since his first stint. Additionally, he runs his blog (nitishgulati.com) and is also an avid speaker in conferences & meet ups.

Nitish worked as an intrapreneur / first employee, driving the build and launch of a B2B2C analytics mobile app as part of a bootstrapped start up. He has also worked with growth stage start ups and MNC's. He has stayed in more than 8 cities and is comfortable working with different cultures.

Some events along the journey -

Achieved product shutdown within the first year of his career

Achieved rating of 90-97% as a speaker at Agile & Product conferences

Awarded for evangelizing Cybrilla from 0 to 546 people in 6 months, through conferences and meetups

Appreciated, as part of the Cybrilla team, for delivering value to a client's product on user experience

Member of product communities like DILO (Day in Life of PM) and PLF (Product Leaders Forum)

Won admission as the youngest alumni at Asia’s first B school for product leadership

Appraised by readers, for writing user centric blogs (www.nitishgulati.com)

Won portfolio management competitions twice in a row, despite being a MCA student in a MBA competition

Helped push knowledge initiatives (analytics, paperless on boarding & machine learning) at Cybrilla

Won Student of the Month twice at IPL

Helped build teams at Dwij (tech), Accenture (tech), Cybrilla (product) and FundsIndia (UX)

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