Hey There!

Let's take a trip down the rabbit hole of my world

Who I Am

Failed product guy
Below sea level
Flawed data point
Motor biker

What I Do

Hungry, friendly and thoughtful product manager

Failed 2x products

Helped prioritize customer centric roadmaps for B2C and B2B products

Helped get to PMF for early stage enterprise product

Helped create and drive GTM for early stage enterprise product

Can marry end user and customer attitudes and needs

Taken up multiple roles like product marketing | inside sales | market analyst | customer liaison | enterprise solutions and business strategy

Helped deliver consulting projects as agile | digital product owner for startups & mid level enterprises

Cross functional experience in L&Dtech (new age skills assessments) and Fintech (mutual funds)

Comfortable collaborating and working cross functionally with different stakeholders | team sizes | domains

Delivered talks on lean product marketing, robotic process automation and mutual funds

Published blogs on different topics

CSPO with Agile | Scrum experience


P2 - Portfolio of Products

f(x) + f(y) = f(x+y)
Passion to serve people + Grit to solve problems = Teams & Projects I have been lucky to be a part of

Let's Talk


Piloted location based mobile notifications for enterprise users

Fintech mobile app

Helped drive OKRs for a funded mobile app with 100K user base

Fintech web/mob apps

Helped deliver features as an agile | digital product owner

Mobile app based assessments

Successfully failed at attempting product market fit.


Data driven hobbies


Let's talk

I am always in for a cup of coffee. Or a chai ki cutting!