Hey There!

Let's take a trip down the rabbit hole of my world

Who I Am

Failed product guy
Below sea level
Flawed data point
Motor biker

What I Do

Failed 2x products

Hungry, friendly and thoughtful product guy

Continuous learner (taking baby steps in the tech/business universe)

Helped prioritize customer centric roadmaps for B2C and B2B products

Solved problems across conversion | store ratings | product marketing | inside sales | market research | customer liaison | program management | business strategy

Helped deliver consulting projects as agile | digital product owner

Comfortable collaborating and working cross functionally with different stakeholders | team sizes | domains

Delivered talks on lean product marketing, robotic process automation(RPA) and financial services

Published blogs on different topics

CSPO with Agile | Scrum experience


P2 - Portfolio of Problem statements

f(x) + f(y) = f(x+y)
Passion to serve people + Grit to solve problems = Teams & Projects I have been lucky to be a part of

App based location engine

Successfully failed at piloting and attempting GTM for a location based notifications app for enterprise users.

Fintech mobile app

Helped drive OKRs for a funded mobile app with 100K user base.

Fintech applications

Helped deliver features as an agile | digital product owner for web and mobile apps.

App based assessments

Successfully failed at attempting product market fit.


Data driven hobbies


Recent essays

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