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Product Mgr
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Customer Success
Sales Engineer
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TLDR:Your Product & GTM Co-Pilot: Generating/Driving customer & business outcomes

10+ years of Business & Technical experience, with 4 years of digital transformation exposure & 6 years of fintech.

Mature experience in working at operational & strategic level with cross functional teams, channel partners & customers.

Significant cross-cultural experience working & living in multiple cities.

Well rounded exposure across Consumer, Enterprise & Developer first products.

Experienced across both sides - Products and IT services.

Experienced across different phases - pre product market fit, post product market fit, & growth phases.

Worked on journeys across DIY (B2C), Assisted (B2B2C), Partner(B2B) & API based.

Delivered talks on product mgmt & Indian BFSI space.

Published blogs on various topics.


P2- Portfolio of Problem statements

Your Product & GTM Co-Pilot: Generating/Driving customer & business outcomes

App for location based marketing

Attempted validation of product hypothesis.

Fintech mobile app

Helped drive conversion & retention OKRs for a funded mobile app with 100K & growing user base.

Fintech application

Helped deliver features as a consulting agile | digital product owner for a robo advisor - web & mobile apps.

App based assessments

Validated user insights. Experimented with distribution strategy.

Fintech API PaaS

Early hire. Helped achieve PMF & scale it. Executed different roles hands on for the same.

Partner CRM App / Virtual branch

Led pilots for Relationship Manager / Sales Agent app for mid market / enteprises.

Embedded Finance - Asset Mgmt

Led pilots for embedded mutual funds in payroll, for mid market / enteprises.

An Experiment

Doing things that dont scale; to truly scale!
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Recent essays

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